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The White Chocolate Collection

The White Chocolate Collection


Did you know that cocoa beans are approximately 50% cocoa butter? Cocoa butter is what gives chocolate its beautiful melt and mouthfeel. White chocolate features only the cocoa butter portion of the bean, without any of the cocoa solids.

Craft chocolate makers are having quite a bit of fun creating intriguing and delicious white chocolate bars. And inclusions often added a colourful twist to the bars!


Spring 2019 White Chocolate Collection

Castronovo: White Chocolate Latte Macchiato

LetterPress: Camino Verde (Ecuador) - 36% White Chocolate

Rozsavolgyi Csokolade: Green Herbs & Matcha Tea in White Chocolate with Lemon & Walnut Oils

Fruition: Vanilla Bean Toasted White Chocolate

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