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The 80%-85% Dark Collection

The 80%-85% Dark Collection


This is a new collection that we created for those of you who wanted to try The High End collection but weren't yet ready for 100% cacao bars. We currently have an excellent selection of 80%-85% bars available, and we wanted to highlight some of teh great options.

As with The High End Dark Collection, the bars in this set will range from 80%-85% cocoa mass and will never contain dairy or any flavouring agents. This is the pure stuff: single origin cacao sourced from the world's finest trees and transformed into bars of incredible richness and complexity. Chocolate to savour.

Fall 2019 80%-85% Collection

AvaNaa: Kallari (Ecuador)  80%

Original Beans: Arhuaco Businchari (Columbia) 82%

Nina: Chazuta (Peru) 85%

Luisa Abram: Rio Jari (Brazil) 81%

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