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The Serious Milk Collection

The Serious Milk Collection


Modern milk chocolate is not kid's stuff - it is just the same single origin dark bars we sell with a bit of powdered milk added. Creamy, lush, decadent and full of the pure taste of real chocolate. Expect to see between 40% and 65% cocoa mass and little in the way of added flavour. Perhaps some goat's milk. Or sheep's milk. Or caramel. Maybe some sea salt.


Fall 2018 Milk Collection

Akesson's: Fazenda Sempre Firme (Brazil) - 55% Dark Milk

Harper Macaw: Rainforest Blend (Brazil) - 57% Dark Milk

Original Beans: Femmes de Virunga (Eastern Congo, D.R.) - 55% Dark Milk

Potomac: San Martin (Peru) - 65% Dark Milk

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